I came across this story from DNAInfo Chicago and it literally shocked me.

There are killer raccoons on the loose in this northern  Illinois neighborhood.

When I think about raccoons, I usually see them as cute little masked critters that are sometimes kleptomaniacs of shiny things but not as killers.

For this south Chicago neighborhood there seems to be a pack delinquent and just plain bad raccoons living among them and they've killed a cat.

WHAT! Wait!

Are they rabid?

Apparently, no they aren't.

This family of misfits critters took over vacant home that has sat abandoned for over 8 years on the 8500 block of South Saginaw.

The neighbors have complained of them running rampant in the neighborhood eating their plants and flowers, spreading trash over their lawns and just being nuisances.

However, things took a turn for the worst when a 7 month old kitten turned up dead near the house. All signs point to the pack of raccoons.

The neighbors have contacted Animal Controll services "but were told that nothing could be done if the animals are not "vicious."

Umm... I think they are now. They've killed a cat.

All residents can do now is try to band together and help clean up that vacant house and lot in hopes of discouraging more raccoon trouble.

Oh an by the way, the homeowners of the abandoned house have been contacted and ticketed for violations of building codes, but they've not responded. Nice! So not cool.

This reminds me of a home that sat vacant behind my sister's house here in Rockford. They reported raccoons living in the homes roof. My brother-in-law saw raccoon faces looking out from under an eaves when he was out mowing their yard.

They became a nuisance but never killed any other animals.

I hope that these neighbors get some resolution soon before more cats or little dogs turn up dead.




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