As the school year starts the fraudsters are busy. Now the Better Business Bureau is alerting school districts across northern Illinois about a school supply billing scam.

Officials say complaints are being filed against a Las Vegas, NV business called Scholastic School Supply. The company allegedly has sent false invoices to schools and schools districts in 22 different states. Reports indicate the districts are being billed $647.50 for a bulk purchase of text books that were never requested or received.

Stuart Miles, ThinkStock

Dennis Horton of the BBB says this particular scam is being pulled off similar to one from last year:

“This scam is similar to the “Yellow Pages Scam” that we first saw in 2013. In that scam small businesses and churches lost more than $14 million dollars paying the bogus invoices.”

According to the BBB, school districts should be aware that the contact information found on the invoices includes an email address. However, when consumers attempt to make contact no response is received. There's also a phone number, which routes to a series of voice mail boxes, and mail drop address in Sewell, New Jersey or Las Vegas. The BBB says it has been unable to locate any corporation filings, business licenses, or any other business entity documentation for the alleged company.

Districts are urged not to pay the invoice, but to instead file a complaint at the BBB's website. They can also contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357.