is back open for business, but it's nothing like the old Bergner's we knew and loved.

Ever since the comeback rumors started a week after Bergner's at CherryVale officially closed its doors for good, I've been skeptical. I didn't doubt the possibility that Bergner's could arise again as an online-only retailer, but I was worried about what this new life would mean for die-hard Bergner's fans.

After I saw this Chicago Tribune article last Friday, I immediately hopped on to do some investigating. This is what I saw that sent up a red flag immediately for me:

You see that bottom part there? It's not referring to payments on your Bergner's card that you didn't cut up yet. It's referring to "affordable lease-to-own access for everyone" according to the website.

In my short peruse of the "new" I saw only high-end, brand name merchandise, very little apparel options, and a whole lot of electronics available for purchase. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, but coupons and beloved store brands are gone forever...and now I'm sad all over again.

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