Its great to see some good news every once in a while, things have been pretty rough in local and national news. This story comes out of Belvidere according to Firefighters, our one true constant for good in the world are always helping. This time it was the Belvidere Fire Department. Nicholas Thornton, a Belvidere firefighter said, " You get the odd call, cats in trees and things like that. You see other departments do things and wonder if you'd get the opportunity, but sometimes unique calls come along."

Thursday, they were out doing some training and the fire chief came by and told them about a situation at Culver's where some baby ducks were stuck in a storm drain and needed help. Once on-scene, they found 4 little baby ducklings in the drain so they removed the grate. Earlier the mother and two other ducklings had ran off so they thought they would need the help of animal services but luckily the mother came back shortly after and was reunited with her 4 missing babies. That's awesome! Here's a link to the original story.

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