It can happen to anyone. You set your toddler down, head into another room to take care of something and when you come back, your child is not where you left them.

There are two ways that 'missing toddler' thing can go at this point, did they just head into another room, or did you toddler just wander out the front door. For one Beloit dad, it was the latter.

Saturday afternoon (4/6), a 2-year-old boy was found wandering by neighbors near Portland and McKinley Avenues in Beloit, according to They called police, who came to get the boy and return him to his father. Imagine the surprise when dad answered the door and a police officer was there holding his son. The dad had turned on a movie for his son and then went to take a shower. While in the shower, the boy got up and figured out how to get out the front door.

Police suggest that parents with (adventurous) children this age install high locks on exterior doors.

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