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In a world full of people like Margo and Todd, be Cousin Eddie.

As I was driving to work this morning debating the important things in life...What concert t-shirt will Double T have on when I get to work, will the heat be on in my office, what should I make for dinner later...I drove past the Beef-a-Roo on North 2nd and had to do a completely legal U-Turn to get a photo on the sign.

This billboard in the sky is more than just a quote from a great Christmas movie, it's a reminder to not take EVERYTHING so serious. Sure 2020 has been sucky in many ways:

  • No concerts, thumbs down.
  • The Chicago Bears organization is an absolute embarrassment.
  • I'd really like to go have a drink or three and listen to Scotty Von Blazin tell dad jokes on stage.

Obviously those are some not so serious things to be bummed about, and the world has been flipped upside down. How do you handle the changes, the losses, the "new norm" for now...Do you head to social media and beg for attention? Do you curl up in a ball with your favorite adult beverage? OR, do you take advise from the Beef-a-Roo sign on North Second?

In a world filled with Todd and Margo types from "Christmas Vacation," be Cousin Eddie. How you adapt and how serious you react, says a lot..."Save the neck for me Clark." Deep breath, laugh, let's get 2021 started.


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