Beef-a-Roo is always feeding us delicious things, but it turns out they're also doing amazing things for the world, too.

You know when you download our app, you can score a bunch of things. Bonus keywords for all of our contests, the ability to listen live right from your fingertips and you can send us a message in a snap.

That's exactly what Trevor did yesterday, sharing with us through the app that Beef-a-Roo has made a great change.

Trevor writes:

Hey I’ve emailed you guys before with that story about how Hardee’s and KFC closed on the same day. I have another thing you might find interesting for another story. The first fast food place around here “that I’ve come across anyways” is using the new paper straws! I just got a large water from Beef a Roo and got this black straw that’s very stiff and appears to be made out of paper. I asked them if this was the wrong straw and they said no this is our new straws. So yeah just thought you’d find it interesting that a local chain went this route before any major chains start with the goal of trying to save the planet. I have a picture if you need one of the straw but didn’t see a way to upload onto this app. Anyways have a good one and contact me if you need any more info!

We haven't seen these straws in action just yet but we are loving the environment saving decision the 'Roo crew made!

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