Dick Butkus recently joined Twitter and has been having a lot of fun with it over the last few weeks.

It looks like the account was officially started last October when this was Tweeted.

This is pretty obviously not the real Dick Butkus tweeting from this account but someone from his team. I don't like to make assumptions but that's a very well crafted tweet for a 70-year-old that just joined Twitter. You see this a lot with older athletes. Their PR company knows they need to hop on the social media sites but the athlete has NO interest in doing so, so they just create an account and run it for them to promote their brand.

It's usually boring. Sometimes you can tell that the athlete is composing the texts, but the PR firm usually comes in and cleans it up.

Butkus' account looked like that for a while.

Then about a month ago, it was very clear that Dick had the account moved to his personal phone and was doing the Tweeting himself, and it got a lot more interesting.

Still, by last Christmas he only had a handful of followers. Many people didn't think it was actually Dick Butkus because Twitter would not for whatever reason verify his account.

The blue checkmark you see on some Twitter profiles means that Twitter has verified that the person's name on the account is the actual person it represents. There's a lot of side discussions to be had about Twitter verifications, but we'll save that for another post.

It was obviously angering Butkus that he couldn't get verified.

Then a bunch of people from Chicago learned that Dick was on Twitter and his follower count began to rise. This made Dick happy.

Then became a little overwhelmed by the new attention.

All Dick wanted was to be verified, but Twitter kept denying his application for some unknown reason.

He was getting closer to being verified. Dick just started yelling into the Twitterverse.

He learned about bots, and called them robots. Amazing.

Then, finally on Friday Dick received the coveted blue check mark.

...And immediately wanted to kick Aaron Rodgers off the platform.

It's great to see that old feuds never die.

I highly encourage you to follow Dick on the bird app, he's a blast and seems to be having a lot of fun interacting with Bear fans EXACTLY how you think he would.

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