Check out this footage of a bear running after after a guy on a bicycle. As the mountain biker darts through the woods on his mountain bike, every few seconds he turns around for a flash of a giant bear on the attack. Real or fake? Not sure, but it will get your heart pounding anyway.

Now, if you watch the video again, pause the video on those shots where the bear appears, the scary bear seems awfully bright and crisp compared to the surroundings, doesn’t it?

Readers of the website Reddit took screenshots showing that the bear is the only thing in the video that doesn’t suffer from motion blur. Here arr some comments

  • Bear changes color at the end of the video (compare with 0:38)
  • Bear is glistening too much
  • Bear was right on his ass the entire time, but somehow the biker had enough time to get off his bike and hide behind a tree?

Now, if we could only get this bear to come back to Rockford, so we can ask him where he's been. We haven't seen him since he was last roaming around the stateline since last summer.