If you have a MasterCard credit card like I do, then listen up.

Be aware and on your guard of a major phone scam going on in the stateline area.

The Better Business Bureau, in this WTVO news report, acknowledges that a phone scam has hit the stateline targeting individuals in an effort to steal their credit card information.

The scam begins with a prerecorded message stating that your MasterCard has been hacked and that you will need to call in to verify their card number so that a new card can be issued.

The scammers are after your account number,expiration date, and the security code in order to make their own on-line purchases with your card.

The B.B.B.reminds all card holders to never give credit card information by phone to unidentified numbers or automated callers as this one.

Yikes. That's scary. I can understand why a person would panic when they received that call of a stolen credit card. Wouldn't you?

If you receive a call like that, call the 800 number on the back of your MasterCard to verify if it was hacked or stolen. Do not call the number in that prerecorded message.

Wow! That's pretty bold and crafty of those scammers. Yeesh.