It's 9/11, a day of remembering.

I find it not so coincidental that I woke up with Garth Brooks newest "People Loving People"  running through my head that morning.

The message of this song is true, love is the antidote to all that is evil.

On that day 13 years ago we were all living are normal everyday lives when our innocent and that of the children born or to be born was stripped away.

I'll never forget where I was nor will you. I cried for those whose lives were lost in the towers, on the planes, in the Pentagon and in that desolate field in Shanksville, PA. I also mourned the loss of the life we knew. That day is a day that will never be forgotten. We can go about our normal lives but it will always remain raw in our souls. September 11th will always remain as this generations "Pearl Harbor", a day of infamy.

Seeing the hate that created this horrific event  we need to continue to overcome evil with good. This is where we need to, as the quoted by Ghandi, "be the change we wish to see in the world".

How can we be this? In the words of Garth Brooks song we need to be a "people loving people".

Will love conquer everything, no most likely not everything. However, if you & I become people who love and listen we can make changes and differences.

As a proud American I will never forget this day. It is a day that changed everything, yet it's also a day to look inside ourselves and ask, am I who I want to be? Am I making a difference. Am I love? Only you can answer theses things.

I know I am not perfect. I fall and fail but the important thing is that I get back up again and try again. That is one thing that separates us Americans from many other countries we keep trying and never give up.

I hope that encourages you today.

Listen closely to and really read the lyrics to Garth's song "People Loving People". I think you'll hear it differently now.