Yes, it's true. "Ballot selfies" are still illegal in the Land of Lincoln even though there's a bill waiting for the stamp of approval to abolish the law. So what's the punishment? Jail time. But don't panic yet - it seems like it might not be that big of a deal, according to some anonymous elections officials.

Illinois law says it's a Class 4 Felony that could come with a one to a three-year prison term but NBC 5 Chicago spoke with election officials and their reaction to finding a voter taking a ballot selfie would probably be more like "meh..." instead of getting the police involved.

State election officials have said it's "unlikely" anyone would be prosecuted for a ballot selfie, but you should play it safe and take a picture of your "I Voted" sticker or pose next to the polling place sign instead.

But is it worth the risk? Skip the ballot selfie and wait until you're in the car with your "I voted" sticker displayed proudly and then take your selfie. That is the true American way. Right?

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