Mmmm, bacon! Is there anything better? Nope!

Rockford needs one of these, NOW!  90 minutes away, in the City of Lombard, bacon lovers are converging on one of the coolest restaurants in the Midwest. The restaurant is called Overtime Bacon bar, and it's been in business since 2012, according to

Sure, you can find restaurants that serve food items with bacon, but how about bacon wrapped in bacon and more.

On the 'baconated' menu you will find:

  • appetizers
  • drinks
  • sweets

Check out the bacon mozzarella stick. It looks amazing.

The bar also serves:

  • bacon-stuffed burgers
  • bacon meatloaf
  • B.L.T. sandwiches (of course)


It's a bar, so of course you will find pool tables, and lots of flowing beverages. In fact, the place boasts over 36 beers on tap. Bacon and beer, there is nothing better!

How bout bacon for desert? Have you ever had a bacon brownie? Well, now you can. Check out this Photo.

If your bacon cravings are getting the best of you,  check out the Overtime Bacon Bar at  801 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard, IL

Everything goes good with bacon!

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