The social media app TikTok is one of the fastest growing apps among kids. It allows for them to create 3-15 second long videos and share them with the world. In today's society, many people like participating in the latest trends and posting it in hopes of going viral. From the Ice Bucket Challenge, to planking, to the Drake Kiki Challenge that saw people get out of moving cars to dance; the severity of these trends rank from childish to downright dangerous.

The latest trend that has gained a lot of popularity on the app is called the "Skull Breaker Challenge". With a name like that how could you not want to try! Insert sarcasm here. The challenge involves three people lining up to jump together. Unbeknownst to the person in the middle, the two outside people kick the middle person's legs out from underneath them and watch as they fall backwards. What could possibly go wrong? A LOT! There has been a string of injuries like concussions, fractured skulls, back injuries, and tailbone injuries to name a few. TikTok has tried to the best of their abilities to remove these videos from their platform, but the sheer number of videos being posted is too many for them to keep up as the challenge continues to grow in popularity.

Some schools are threatening to suspend students who perform the challenge on school grounds, but that doesn't help kids who may have it happen to them outside of school grounds.

As parents, there is already a lot you have to deal with when it comes to raising children and social media hasn't made it any easier. From cyber-bullying to stunts like this, it's sometimes hard to cover everything going on, especially if you're unfamiliar with it. Let this serve as a warning to parents that your kids know about this and it might be time to have a chat about acceptable social media trends and fads.

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