Before you get mad at me, I realize we just officially entered into Fall, but there's an important reason I'm bringing up the holiday season right now.

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Holiday traditions still might look a little different this year thanks to COVID, but thankfully, most of them are still a go instead of being canceled.  Here's the way I see it, if you're serious about bringing the fun back into your family's holiday season, you have to jump on making plans right now.

The Magic of The Polar Express Train Ride Returns to Chicago in 2021

When it comes to holiday traditions in my home, watching The Polar Express every year is a MUST. As a parent, I love the message of the movie and book, and my girls are enthralled by the visions of the North Pole and the start of Santa's big night. My kids have often asked about how they can get a ride on The Polar Express, and this special ride happening in Chicago this December might be as close as one person can ever get.

Doesn't that look so fun?!?!

Get Tickets Now for The Polar Express Train Ride

I think it's safe to say that scoring tickets aboard this authentic The Polar Express Train Ride at Chicago's Union Station is tough in normal years, but it will likely be even harder this year due to the fact the experience was canceled last year. Jump on board getting tickets right now...seriously. Click here to get your magical ride booked right now.

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