I try to ignore April Fools Day, but someone usually ends up pranking me, and I am tired of being the victim. It's time to fight back...just a little.


I may be able to pull off a lot of stuff, but an April Fools Day prank is not usually one of them. I can never come up with a good idea that someone won't see coming a mile away. I like to think of myself as a creative person, but April Fools Day makes me doubt my abilities. It has to be way better than just scaring a co-worker by doing this. ---->

So, I decided to do a search for ideas this year, and I came across this list of 15 last minute April Fools Day pranks. I'm really liking the air horn one, with my own twist on it of course. Just have to figure out who to do it to. Hee hee hee.

Do you have any easy ideas for me?  Please help out the "pranking challenged."

Thank you. Hopefully I will have a success story to share with you tomorrow.