When Apple got rid of the headphone jack we were not okay with it, but we moved on.

That's because Apple told us they'd give us this free dongle thingy that you could use to make your headphones compatible.

Apple has had enough of that business. If you've been buying electronics from Apple for any period of time, you know they don't give away anything for free.

Wireless earbuds? Nope. Worst yet, when you get your brand new phone we'll give you the impression you're getting wireless earbuds.

Now the free headphone jack dongle, yeah, Apple is getting rid of this too.

Mashable reports:

A Barclays research note viewed by MacRumors says that the new 2018 iPhones will no longer come with the lightning port-to-headphone jack adapter. The maker of the dongle, Cirrus Logic, apparently confirmed the change to Barclays.

Can you believe this? A $700-$800 phone won't come with a dongle.

Insane. Worse yet, the piece costs only 9 bucks. The more Apple gouges their customers, the more an Android seems like a good idea.

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