Another gunpoint robbery story in northeast Rockford neighborhood has neighbors on edge.

A woman shared a frightening incident on the Nextdoor App, which is used for neighbors to communicate for whatever reason they wish. Unfortunately, there have far too many reports of crime. Last week a woman was held at gunpoint while she was unloading groceries from her car at 8:30 pm. Although uninjured, the robber ran off with her purse and more. The incident happened in a neighborhood between Guilford Rd and Giovanni's, off Bell School Road.

Allegedly, last night ANOTHER gun-involved robbery happened at an even EARLIER time, 6:30 pm, near Applewood and Pepper. According to a Nextdoor app user, the victim was held at gunpoint inside their own garage.  In an alert (sent through the app) the vehicle involved was a black SUV, no other descriptions were posted.

You can view the post below but, as a side note, no other sources have reported this. I'm not saying this incident did or did not happen but this is certainly a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings even in your own driveway. And, if you are not using Nextdoor you should. It's a great resource... and sometimes (usually on the weekend) it's great entertainment if you want to witness neighbors complaining about barking dogs or loud cars.


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