Remember these dresses? I asked you guys for help on deciding which one to wear to my friend's upcoming wedding.

Susan Tyler

The winner is.....Tah Dah! The Blue Dress.

You know the saying is right you should always go with your first instinct or gut reaction. I loved the blue dress the moment I put it on.

I took the black and white dress back as I felt it may be a tad to dressy and a bit more mature for the wedding. I did keep the black dress because it was a bargain marked down to $25 from $100. Plus it's a great party dress and I do have another event coming up this summer so it will be used.

Now here's my dilemma, what type of accessories?

I'm thinking bright coral. What do you think about these? Should I wear flats or the high heel sandals?

Susan Tyler

Thanks for your help!