Have you ever been through a fast-food drive-thru so many times you just don't know what to order?

I mean, sure, there are people that have asked for their "special" just about every time through but there are others who just don't know what to get.

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Maybe those people have been through a McDonald's or whatever so often they need a surprise.

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Well, there's a fast-food restaurant in Illinois doing just that.

Over the weekend I was in town for a football game, and on the way home stopped at Dairy Queen Grill & Chill at 1912 Lowell Park Road in Dixon.

I ordered a few things and by the time I pulled up to the window I kind of wished I would've ordered something different.

Because I saw this:


We all make mistakes, yes, even our amazing DQ crew, however, you get to reap the benefits of these mistakes!!!

For $6 you can receive a bag containing 2-3 mystery Dairy Queen treats!

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This is the equivalent of buying a blind box. You buy it hoping it's filled with good stuff. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't. It's the perfect thing for someone who has tried everything at Dairy Queen and doesn't know what to get.

For Dairy Queen, this gives them the opportunity to sell some of their mix-ups. Mistakes are bound to happen and instead of just chucking them out, why not sell them on the cheap?

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When I was at the window I asked "how often do people order the 'Mystery Bag?'" The DQ worker told me quite a bit but a lot of times it happens during their rush and they don't take window orders.

Can you imagine a fast food joint like Culver's, or McDonald's doing "Mystery Bags?"

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