An Iowa woman visiting near Harmony, Minnesota captured a video of how one Amish man had some engine-free fun after the recent snowfall.

Maybe it's the Hollywood portrayals of the Amish that make some people think that those folks have no sense of fun--but some recently captured video proves that you don't need a motor to have a good time if your horse is up for a spin.


Jennifer Staggemeyer, of Waukon, caught an Amish man on video skiing behind a horse-drawn buggy. Staggemeyer, from the passenger side of the car, grabbed her phone and snapped the video.

“We were on our way home from the cities, around the Harmony, Minnesota, area. I first thought when I saw them up ahead that they were stuck in the ditch,” Staggemeyer said.

She said as they came closer they realized what actually was happening and a friend in the car told her to get out her phone in the nick of time to get the video.

“The Amish think of everything. When not boating with skis, they are using the snow instead! We were hoping he had a spotter because what if he wiped out? No one would know!” she said.

Staggemeyer questioned how the man was able to keep his hat on during the joy ride.


And, this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened, either:

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