American Idol had very special contestants on its Sunday (Feb. 23) episode... and a little bit of unexpected drama. Namely, firefighters came on the scene!

There was a gas leak on the set of the singing competition show, which was teased earlier in the week with judge Katy Perry dramatically falling to the ground. "Do you guys smell gas? It’s pretty intense," Perry said to her fellow judges. "We’re getting heavy propane," Luke Bryan added.

Sirens blared as everyone from the studio was evacuated from the building. The first responder firefighters entered the building after Lionel Richie, Bryan and Perry were complaining of the smell.

"Hey, this is not a joke," Bryan told the cameras. "There really is a gas leak." One of the firemen confirmed this was true: "The problem has been mitigated, and the building is safe to enter."

Perry told the crew that they all honestly did get headaches and lightheaded from the exposure. She also hugged the firefighters, and the cast thanked them profusely. Bryan even went so far as to post a photo with them on his social media accounts: “Special thanks to the first responders,” he wrote.

After the building was given the all-clear, viewers watched as the firemen donned the Idol audition badges (why not? As long as they were there, right?) and sang Richie's classic "All Night Long (All Night)," complete with choreographed dance moves. The judges joined in, and the three hardworking men ended up getting coveted golden tickets to the Hollywood round.;

"Thank you so much, guys. You get golden tickets. You're going to Hollywood! 'Cause you saved our lives," Perry exclaimed.

American Idol airs Sundays on ABC. Tune in weekly as we follow the hopefuls' progress!

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