If you feel like taking an hour drive Northeast today, you might end up in the background of an Amazon Studios movie.

Once upon a time... a million years ago... I was an extra in a movie. Hilariously, whenever I get a social security statement in the mail, I'm reminded I 'started' paying taxes at 7 years old.

Maybe being on a movie set at such an early age has something to do with my career, or maybe it was the other way around. I knew I wanted to be in front of a camera already in the early 90s.

Whatever answer is correct, experiencing the Hollywood vibes was so much fun.

I'm not exactly sure if the same vibes will be on the set of this new Amazon Studios movie that's shooting in Wauconda today, but it might be fun to bring your kids out there anyway!

Wauconda is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Rockford and this week the town will be home to a film crew as they film the movie, 'Lightyears.'

I would love to know how the team behind Lightyears landed on the Wauconda Pharmacy as their shoot location. How cool is that?

Apparently J.K. Simmons in in this movie.

Fun fact, I interviewed him when I lived in L.A. and he was so awesome to chat with, if you go be sure to take photos and send them our way!

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