If you legally possess an Illinois handicap placard share this with your friends and family as a reminder to not abuse marked handicap parking spots.


I feel like I have heard that exact quote multiple times from others. The reason that follows is almost always, "it's a business parking not, not a city-owned street/parking lot

That is a hard 'false.' It's completely untrue.


Parking lots during the hustle and bustle of the winter holiday season is atrocious and it has already begun.

(Has anyone else said, "well, people already forgot how to drive and it's not even December yet.", or am I the only one?

Just don't do it.

Parking in marked handicap spots is not only illegal it is also incredibly inconsiderate and rude.

If you park in a marked handicap spot "just for a minute" it's illegal, there are no loopholes unless you legally possess an Illinois handicap placard.

IL Police Will Monitoring Handicap Parking Spots On Black Friday

(Note: the vehicle above is not necessarily breaking the law.)

To make sure folks aren't being inconsiderate cotton-headed ninny muggins, The Illinois Secretary of State Police will be conducting stings looking for jerks who break the easy-to-follow law.

Hefty fines are possible.

Here's an idea, think about the total amount of money you're spending on gifts this season. Do you want to blow another $500+ on a parking spot?

Illinois Secretary of State Police is reminding drivers the max penalty for abusing a handicap parking spot is up to $600 and having your license suspended.

Officers will also check to make sure persons who utilize disabled parking placards are registered to use them.

Park smart, play nice.

[h/t MyStateline]

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