Have you ever flown somewhere only to reach your destination and find your luggage didn't arrive with you? Now the airlines will owe you money if your bags are lost or late on arrival.

Can I get a big "AMEN" on this!

It's really frustrating to arrive somewhere only to find you're bags, the ones you checked before getting on the plane, somehow didn't make the journey with you.

When this has happened to me, the airline didn't do anything other than have you fill out a report to have your bags delivered at your destination.

According to this WGN news report, a new law was signed late in July that airlines will now be required to refund the customer their checked bag fees when their luggage is lost or late in arriving. "If the luggage does not arrive within 12 hours of a domestic flight’s arrival, or 15 hours of an international flight’s arrival " the customer will be automatically refunded their fee.

Now that is really good news.

Maybe this has never happened to you but It has happened to me 3 different times and the last time I had to argue with the airline for my bag. This will certainly be helpful for the travel weary and in a sense make the airline more responsible in getting bags to the right destination and on time.



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