Yikes! Christmas is next week! Wow! Now the stress of getting that perfect present is on.

I don't know about you but, I still have a few gifts yet to get. However, I want to really make sure the gifts I give are not afterthought Christmas gifts.

Ever receive one of those? I have.

Those gifts are no fun. It makes you feel like a piece of junk when you unwrap the present only to find someone grabbed some post-it notes from the supply closet or worse yet, as in my case or should I say many cases, receiving shoelaces or a wedge of foil wrapped cheese with a packet of crackers. Obviously somebody raided their snack drawer for that gift.

According to Travelzoo Inc., 75% of us have received impersonal or afterthought Christmas gifts.

Some say it's do to the Holiday stress. 73% have said gift giving is stressful and when adding on "Secret Santa" or White Elephant gifts it just adds to the stress.

My opinion is no matter what there is no excuse to give something used or unwanted just to give a gift. If you're going to spend $5 dollars why not get a giftcard to McDonald's or even Starbucks. That's way better than old shoe laces or cheese and crackers.

If you've ever received and afterthought gift, check the list below and see if your gift made it or should be added.

Let this list be a reminder of what not to do for that upcoming office party or family gift grab bag.

The Top Ten Worst Gifts:

1. Used stationary (personalized with someone else's name)

2. A coffee mug in the shape of a toilet

3. Expired or stale food

4. A car Duster

5. Socks

6. A shower Curtain

7. Halloween oven mitts

8. A trash can

9. Post-It Notes

10. Out of date calendar / planner.