BEWARE, a glance inside this abandoned funeral home in Illinois may give you nightmares.

Googling Regrets

Do you ever fall down a rabbit hole and start Googling things you wish you hadn't? That is me today for two BIG reasons...

  1. I would have been perfectly fine living my whole life not knowing what "Dropsytone" is used for.
  2. There are several abandoned funeral homes lying in various states of decomposition throughout Illinois.

Now, please allow me to explain how I got started on this creepy Google investigation...It's all Decayingmidwest's fault.

Creepy Abandoned Places in Illinois

Full disclosure, I am oddly addicted to Decayingmidwest on Facebook and look at their pictures at least once a day. How they discover and get access to the abandoned sites they feature is fascinating to me, and so is the weird stuff that is left behind in these places.

Here's another thing about me, I am REALLY freaked out by anything regarding death, and funeral homes are about the last place I ever want to be...yet, these photos dragged me into a rabbit hole hook, line, and sinker.


The Most Important Rule About Abandoned Buildings

The one thing that most articles and posts about abandoned places have in common is that they don't mention specific business names and/or addresses. They are left out purposely because most of them are on private property and incredibly dangerous to explore.

Because "secrets" drive me crazy, I did a little research to find where this abandoned funeral home is located and quickly discovered that there are several abandoned funeral homes in Illinois, (YIKES). Since it's hard to determine which funeral home these pics are from, I decided to Google something else that I now seriously regret doing...

What Is Dropsytone Used For?

When I saw this photo in DecayingMidwest's post, I couldn't help but wonder what "Dropsytone" is and what kind of horrible thing it's used for.

Decayingmidwest via Facebook
Decayingmidwest via Facebook

The first thing that popped up on Google was a website that requires you to be at least 18 years old to enter...I should have bailed out there...but instead, I kept reading.

Basically, Dropsytone is a chemical that embalmers use to extract excess fluid from the tissue of bloated bodies. On that note, I am done...and I will probably have nightmares tonight.

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