Have you ever gotten so drunk you woke up next to a dog in a house that you didn't recognize and then realize there's a 130-pound dog next to you?

A Wisconsin Woman Found A Random Man Sleeping Next To Her Dog
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What would be worse, being woken up by police in a home you don't recognize while lying next to a 130-pound Mastiff or being the homeowner that found a random man sleeping next to her 130-pound Mastiff? And, no, neither scenario happened in Florida. At least, not this story. It happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin on New Year's morning.

Here's how it went down, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. A woman's alarm went off at around 5 a.m. January 1. She ventured to the living room where she found a 21-year-old man passed out in her Mastiff's bed. This isn't a typical dog bed, it's actually a twin mattress. Regardless, the man is lights out. So she (Lynn, the homeowner) didn't panic loudly but grabbed knives and then pulled her dog Benton off the random guy. The passed out person didn't even budge he was so drunk.

Naturally, she called the police, they arrived, woke the man up, and he immediately asked for his glasses. While police began to assess the situation the 21-year-old knew he was in the wrong house and was incredibly embarrassed and apologetic. He had no clue how he got there. It turns out he lived two houses away with his mom. Lynn, his mom for the night, did not press charges on the young man and said she assumed they both learned a lesson that night.

That dude is lucky for three reasons, he didn't get stabbed, he didn't get arrested, and he didn't get eaten by a 130-pound. Happy new year.


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