Like something out of a horror film, A story came out of Peoria today that will send shivers down your spine.

According to WQAD, A 21 year old man named Jose Ramirez has allegedly confessed to killing his own parents and dumping their bodies off a bridge near Peoria. The confession happened Monday after officers found evidence at the scene. Back in 2011, Bradley University filed a police report after Ramirez allegedly wrote a note on a mirror stating he wanted to kill his parents. His Mother Susan Ramirez was actually a professor at Bradley.

Peoria County Sheriffs office
Peoria County Sheriffs office

Police reported that the crime scene showed signs of a struggle and evidence of violence. Ramirez allegedly told officers he dumped their bodies off a bridge near Annawan. Also charged in the crime was 20-year-old Matthew Roberts who was charged with concealing a homicide and obstruction of justice. The police department is currently trying to recover the bodies of the boy's parents. Right now the motive for this grisly crime has not been confirmed, but police are saying the evidence shows that Ramirez had "a hatred for his parents." We will keep you up to date as the evidence unfolds.

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