A blue moon really does happen once in a blue moon, and we haven't seen one in several years. With the prediction of clear skies already in the Stateline for the weekend, you'll get a front row seat for this one.

If you're not doing anything Friday, you should head outside or get yourself to a window so you can catch the rare event for yourself.


This will be the second full moon in July and the second one in one month is commonly referred to as a "blue moon." However, the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington describes it as, " ... the third full moon to in an astronomical season in which four full moons fall."

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

The phenomenon appears only once every three years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

But relax and try not to be too disappointed because the moon is not actually blue. It appears gray like any other full moon.

It will be bright and spectacular.