An Illinois man spotted what he believes to be a possible mountain lion in his backyard over the weekend.

WGN shares that Matt Marro of Wheaton was working in his yard Saturday when he spotted a large cat-like animal in the tall grass in his backyard.

He said it looked to be like a mountain lion or a large feline-type animal, but it had moved on after he ran next door to get his kids who were out playing with the neighbors.

"Wheaton police recovered a fur sample, and noted the tall grass at the back of their property is suspiciously matted-down."

Mountain lions have been spotted in the area before too. Back in 2009 "Chicago police shot a cougar in the Roscoe Village neighborhood."

Since Marro's report on Saturday, there have been "a couple of similar sightings in the area in the last few days, according to social media posts."

Authorities advise that "anyone who sees this animal "should stay away and call 911."




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