If you want your significant other to give you some time by yourself, I think I have the perfect idea to get them far, far away from you: ROM-COMS.

Whenever I turn on a romantic comedy on Netflix, my boyfriend quickly "attempts" to escape the room.  Little does he know, I actually want him to go play video games so I can have a girls night all by myself.


What Rom-Com should we pick?

13 Going On 30?

Crazy, Stupid, Love?

Silver Linings Playbook?!

The list could just keep on going, it's an endless hole full of unrealistic romance we only dream of having.  Maybe these types of movies are misleading, but man Rom-Coms give me a great excuse to cry very loudly.


In a recent study released by Comparitech, they found the most popular Romantic Comedies in every state.  Are you surprised by these states?

  • Wisconsin: "Grease"
  • Georgia: "Coming To America"
  • Washington: "10 Things I Hate About You"
  • North Dakota: "He's All That"
  • Michigan and Minnesota: "Just One Of The Guys"
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Illinois did not vote for any of those Romanic Comedies listed above. I'm actually pretty surprised by what Illinois' most popular Rom-Com is because it's definitely not what I would've chosen only because I've never seen the film.

Illinois' MOST POPULAR Romantic Comedy is....


I do find it kinda funny that Sixteen Candles is rated PG because there's quite a bit of sexual/adult content throughout this entire film.  Interestingly enough, PG-13 wasn't born yet when this movie was released in 1984.

So, if you're looking for a new Romantic Comedy to watch alone OR with your special someone, take a look at the entire list to get some fresh ideas for your next movie night!

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