Birthday parades and yard signs were sooo last month. If you really want to bring joy to someone's day, arrange them a visit from an adorable mini horse named Scout. (The horse pictured above is NOT Scout, but you get the point).

I came across a story at this morning that totally made me smile, and I haven't even met Scout in person yet.  Dana Brasher is a Rockford resident who owns a mini horse named Scout, and she has decided to take Scout on tours of the Stateline area for one very important reason; to brighten people's days in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and other...troubles. Dana Brasher recently told WIFR;

 “There’s just so much negativity and we just want to bring some sunshine to our community. We just thought with everything going on we would like to bring a lot of happiness and people that are stuck in the house and anywhere that he can come visit them.”


I for one, LOVE this idea. My daughters are just as obsessed with horses as I am, and all three of our dreams is to own a horse of our own some day. Until that day comes, I know my girls would LOVE a visit from Scout, especially knowing they can pet him, brush him, and put glitter on him.

If you would like to arrange a visit from Scout for someone in your life, send Dana Brasher a message via Facebook, here.

You know I've already sent her a message. LOL!

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