After being turned down by a woman, a man in Illinois started a tanker truck on fire.

I have friends that are still in the dating world. It can be tough. I think you really need thick skin to deal with rejection.

Unfortunately, this guy wasn't mentally prepared for being turned down for a date.

According to,

"A man who told police he set fire to a diesel fuel storage tank in unincorporated Antioch, Illinois after being turned down for a date has been charged with arson."

"Surveillance video shows a man damaging items on the property owner’s lawn and then setting fire to diesel fuel in a storage tank, causing it to ignite and explode. The man fled on foot."

"The man told police he “damaged the property and set the fire after becoming intoxicated and angered he was unsuccessful in asking someone on a date that evening.” 

He definitely didn't handle this situation the right way.

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