If you love haunted house this one may be right up your alley.

This haunted house is so scary you have to sign a waiver before you can enter it.

Can we say yikes!

That right there would be a no deal for me. I'm not a fan of scary, gory, horror, So signing a waiver because it's so scary is a definite "NO WAY" for me, but for others that like it then read on.

ABC7 Chicago reports that the 17th Door in Tustin, CA is so scary they require all visitors to sign a waiver and if it just to scary for you to continue on the only way to exit is to say the safe word "mercy". Wow! That sounds pretty intense in scariness.

The 17th Door is set up so that visitors will spend a minute in 17 different rooms, "each with a unique theme and created with a painstaking amount of detail. All of them are filled with monsters lurking around every corner." It's an "interactive" hauntes house where you "will get touched and you might get wet too." OK, that right there is another reason why I say NO WAY.

As how many have actually used the safe word, "the creators of this haunt have said that so far, about 350 people have used the safe word. That was just the two weekends into the house's opening. On average they are getting about 800 visitors each night."

Oh and by the way, the cost for scaring the begeezus out of you is between $21 and $35. Would you pay that to be that scared? You can count me out. Nope, nope, NOPE!