Ah come on...I love mine, I know you love yours...Your cell phone! Be careful though..
Cell phones amount to 30-40% of all thefts in the USA! Yikes! In 2002 1.6 million people were attacked for their phones in 2012. I mean, people were literally beaten up and had their cell phones taken from them, sometimes violently

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The simple reason is that Cell phones can be resold for Top dollar elsewhere, especially in foreign countries. They often fetch anywhere between $100.00-$200.00 on the black market and can be easily re-activated on cell networks in foreign countries.

Mark Leno a California state senator, refuses to wait any longer. The Democrat plans to introduce a bill in the next few weeks that would require a kill switch in all new smartphones sold in California.

A Kill switch, when activated by you, the rightful owner of the cell phone, would render the cell phone useless. Essentially turning into a glorified doorstop

Do you think this is a good idea?  I kind of like it.  It would deter cell phone crime.

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