It's the day after Christmas. You have just spent a wonderful couple days with your nearest and dearest. You have been showered in love and presents galore and feel incredibly blessed. You are also staring at a few gifts that you know you don't need or will ever what?

If placing that unwanted gift in your closet to collect dust for years to come is just something you are unwilling to do, maybe you can do one of these nine things with it? recently published a list of 9 Things To Do With Gifts You Can't Return, and a few of them are things I never thought of trying!

  1. Try returning it for store credit - The return policy can be a little more relaxed after the holidays, so you may just luck out, but likely get less back for the item than what someone paid for it.
  2. Hold onto it for a gag gift or some other random gift-giving necessity - That ugly Christmas sweater will come in handy as next year's white elephant gift at the office holiday party or an unwanted gift card can make a sweet thank you gift for someone else.
  3. Donate it - You may hate that scarf or itchy sweater, but someone else may love it, especially at an extremely discounted price.
  4. Regift it - Giving someone else a gift you once received isn't always a bad thing, plus it saves you money! (Just be smart about who you regift it to!)
  5. Host a gift swap happy hour/party - Have friends come over and bring along their unwanted gifts, then have some fun swapping them for something you do want.
  6. Exchange Your Unwanted Gift Cards - Gift cards are awesome, unless they are to a store you have never, and will never go to. There are websites that will take your unwanted gift card and swap it for ones you will use. A few to check out are or
  7. Barter - Did you know Amazon has a trade-in option for things like books, DVDs, CDs, electronic devices and more?  Seriously, check it out here.
  8. Sell it - Craigslist, Facebook groups or Amazon marketplaces are a great way to get some cash for a gift you will never use.
  9. Repurpose it - Make slippers out of ugly sweaters, paint over an ugly wall hanging...the possibilities are endless!

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