Sometimes it takes a kid to reach other kids, especially when it has to deal with a painful subject of bullying. Look at this powerful message a 7th grader from St. Charles, Illinois created.



All I can say is WOW! I can see why this has blown up on the internet. Since being posted over a week ago it's gotten over 266,000 hits.

What 12 year Jonah Maxwell came up with and created is amazing. He's right, as he told WGN, "bullying lasts much longer than just a couple hours at school – all thanks to social media." It is a 24/7 issue. It's an issue that needs to stop.

The beginning of this video made me cry. All those things those kids said and felt about being bullied, I experienced as a tween and young teen. It was a hellish time growing up. I had a good two years during my 7th and 8th grade years that I hated to go to school. I hated riding the bus because there were kids that were supposed to be my friends suddenly had turned on me and made me feel terrible and ugly. I used to take books to read on the bus. I'd scrunch down in my seat and basically bury myself into reading and do whatever I could to block out those awful things kids were saying about me. It was a hard time. A hard time that I would never want to wish on any child to ever have to go through, although I know it still happens.

If it takes a video like this to be the key to end it, to turn it around I fully support it.