Reddit user (u/___Moufasa___) asked other users their unpopular opinions about Rockford. Many of them came up with cringe-worthy responses. I've narrowed their answers down to the best seven.

  • 1

    "I think sock monkeys are dumb."

    u/alienmechanic doesn't enjoy the "toys" that originated in Rockford.




  • 2

    "It’s popular to complain here."

    u/mr8073 loves Rockford and appears to be a person who finds the positive versus the negatives. The user's only complaint is about the naysayers in the area. I will have to agree.

  • 3

    "Mrs. Fisher's chips suck."

    u/eVarto brings up a much-debated subject as of late, the change in Mrs. Fisher's chip recipe. Keep in mind, it was a government mandated change and out of their control.

  • 4

    "Stockholm Inn isn’t that great."

    u/Ezgru is pushing it with this borderline blasphemy.
  • 5

    "Not sure if it's unpopular, but the (former) semi-disassembled clock tower standing in a bunch of ruins is a good metaphor for the status of the city."

    u/alienmechanic is back with another opinion compared the mess at the former Clock Tower to the state of Rockford and it obviously not a fan of the city.

  • 6

    "You can’t score decent weed anywhere in this city."

  • 7

    "Cheap Trick is overrated..."

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