We are all itching for Spring, like REALLY itching, but, before it comes there are a few things we should take advantage of while winter is still here.

Groundhog Day predicted an early spring this year, for most of us it's not early enough. We'd like the sun right now, please!

While we might still get that early spring sometime in March, we shouldn't wait until then to have some fun. In fact, we should use this cold, wet February to do all the fun stuff that we won't be doing once the sun and the warmer temperatures come back to us.

So what should we do? Here's the list of 7 things you should do in Rockford before winter is over.

  1. Head to Gateway Parks Alpine Hills where you can tube, ski and snowboard, which you definitely won't be able to do in June.
  2. Spend the entire day watching movies that are nominated for Academy Awards at Showplace 16, Sweet Lenny made it through the first one of these last Saturday and you can do it this Saturday, too. This is absolutely a winter activity.
  3. Family snowshoeing with Rocktown Adventures Rockford, can't do that when it's raining all April.
  4. Indoor skating at Skateland Rocks, get your kids to perfect their rollerblading before they can take it outdoors this spring!
  5. Get your fingers and toes ready for spring with a relaxing mani and pedi. Seriously if you are waiting for spring and it's not coming, the best thing you can do is fake it with a neon nail color.
  6. Drink some hot coffee! Meg's Daily Grind has fancy pants lattes that you'll have to put on ice when spring comes and while I love iced lattes, hot ones just have something extra special in them, drink them in while you can!
  7. Go to the mall. Now is the time to buy cute winter clothes for next year. Close your eyes when you walk past the bathing suits and head toward the clearance.