According to WGN, the current strength of the economy paired with the low jobless rate, have prompted Cook County to impose new restrictions on food stamps.

Nearly 50,000 Illinois food stamp recipients risk losing their benefits if they do not find a job next year. Restrictions stipulate that able-bodied persons under 50 who are not living with children or other dependents will have to work 30 hours per week or participate in volunteer work or job training for at least 20 hours per week.

The reason for the change is that Cook County's unemployment rate is too low to qualify for aid from the federal government amidst the Trump administration's attempt to scale back assistance.

While I do believe if you are able bodied then you should have to work for the things you want and need; I also understand that mass changes can't be made with a simple broad stroking brush. Hopefully with enough notice, those effected can figure out a solution to their problems.

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