Cleaning out your closets and drawers each Spring is always a good thing to do, but make sure you don't forget to declutter your finances while you're at it. Organizing your finances may seem like a daunting task, but not if you follow these 5 steps from Today Money.




Today Money has also suggested checking out these 5 free money apps available for both Apple and Android users to help you achieve a healthy and succesful financial profile.

  1. Acorns -  This app uses spare change from your debit card purchases and invests them into diversified portfolios.
  2. Level Money - This app bills itself as the "mobile money meter". Basically, it provides a clear of picture of your cash flow daily, weekly and monthy for better money management.
  3. Even - If your paycheck tends to differ each pay period, this app calculates your average paycheck amount, and when you get paid more it tells you what to save to make up for when your paycheck is less than your average amount.
  4. Mint - The app displays all balances and transactions in one place so users can better budget funds for bills, groceries, etc.
  5. Digit - This app automates your savings, but only saves as much money as you can afford based on your spending habits.

To read more about the possibilities of these 5 apps, check out the complete Today article here.