No joke it's dangerously cold across much of the United States, especially in the Rockford. It's so cold your skin could get frostbite within 10 minutes of being exposed. It's important to remember five tips that could save your life in the event that your car breaks down in these sub-zero temperatures.


  • Keep A Winter Kit In Your Vehicle

    The kit should include extra clothing, a first aid kit, a flashlight, a shovel, snacks, and drinking water (just keep it warm.)

  • Keep Gas Tank Filled

    Be sure your car's gas tank is at least half full if it sits outside for long periods of time so lines don't freeze.

  • Let People Know Your Travel Plans

    Let people know where you're going and what route you are taking in case you get stranded in the cold.

  • Conserve Gas While Stuck

    If you get stuck only run your engine for 10 minutes at a time to save gas.

  • Stay Inside

    Just stay inside if it's not a dire need to leave.

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