Rockford has its share of haunted places but what other places are scary but don't have paranormal activity? We asked this on Facebook and were not disappointed by some of the answers.

Here were some of my favorites...

Grocery checkouts. - Terry C.

Yup, especially on during the weekends.

My bank account. - Steve G.

I can't see yours but if it's anything like mine... yikes.

My kids' bedrooms. - Kimmy S.

Yeah, kids are gross... which is never mentioned in baby books.

Probably the morgue! - Lyndsey L.

There's no doubt.

The DMV. - Trisha P.

Well played, Trisha. Well played.

Hobby Lobby. - Eric S.

Based on the comment on his suggestion, I'm assuming is his wife shops there... A LOT.

I'll add one more...

Shopping inside any gift store alone and unsure of what to buy. - Every guy.

Check out more places and include your own. Play nice.


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