We asked Q98.5 friends where to go for their favorite (cheese)burger and the answers will leave your mouth watering. Whatever your dinners plans were will become a thing of the past because tonight is definitely a burger kind of night.

These are not the only places you can get a great burger in the 815 but these were specific places mentioned by Q98.5 burger lovers.

1. Ridott Corners Tavern (Ridott, IL)

Ridott Corners Tavern came up many times in our quest to find the burgers that need to be eaten.

Ridott Corners - Ridott, IL
Mike Davis via Facebook


2. Bootie's Main Tap (Pecatonica, IL)

I don't know anything about this place aside from assuming you'll find nice buns. Oh, and they sell foot long hotdogs.


3. Buddy's Burgers (Rockford, IL)

Sticking with the "B" category, add Buddy's Burger to your list. I've been to Buddy's a time or seven and there's a reason I keep going back. One day I'll attempt one of their challenges like the one pictured below.


4. Corner Grill On Main. (Genoa, IL)

A trip to Genoa is worth the drive if you're going to stop at Corner Grill on Main. Look at the burger below and tell me where it begins and ends. You can't. It looks glorious. It's like the Taj Mahal of burgers. I'm GPSing this place right now.


5. Slurp n Burp (Loran, IL)

You know you're in for a good time when you find a little bar with the name Slup n Burp. In this case, you can find great food, too. And I've never been here, but judging by the message Q98.5 received on Facebook - it's definitely worth checking out.

The slurp and burp is amazing! You'll love their t-shirts!! They've even got thongs with their name on em that you can buy. You'll find the best crowd there on karaoke night!


It's not possible to make a list of burger joints without including 15th & Chris. If you can't decide between any of the aforementioned burger joints, head to Rockford's west side. MMM, try the Gunite Burger and thank me later.

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