Just plain sad. Four Stateline counties are included on the Illinois poverty watch list, one county made the warning list.

New data out this week by ilpovertyreport.org indicates that over half of all Illinois counties have been placed on the poverty watch list.

The list is made up of counties in Illinois counties that are

experiencing particularly negative conditions and trends on four key indicators: poverty, unemployment, teen births, and high-school graduation.

Based on poverty rate, DeKalb County ranks the worst in the study with a poverty rate exceeding 18% of it's population.

The darker shaded Illinois counties represent a higher percentage of the population in poverty

4 Stateline Counties Are on The Poverty Watch List
2018.ilpovertyreport.org graphic

Here are the 4 Worst Stateline Counties based on the Poverty Rate:

1. DeKalb County

2. Winnebago County

3. Stephenson County

4. Lee County

52 of illinois 102 counties are on the poverty "watch list."



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