When it comes to vaccinations there are always arguments. Most people believe that it's extremely important to have your children vaccinated, but there are some Anti-vaxxers out there that believe that it really does more harm than good. One disease, Measles, was eliminated back in 2000. Which means they did not see one case for an entire year. Here we are, 19 years later and we are starting to have measles outbreaks again. According to Mystateline.com, Rockford has some schools that have vaccination rates way lower than they should be.

I saw a video just last week of a man who refused to get a Tetanus shot and he actually ended up getting Tetanus. Never in my life have I seen someone in that much pain before. I have two adopted daughters and making sure they are vaccinated is a huge deal for me. Well we have some data from the Illinois State Board of Education that came out in October of 2018 and we have found that there are 4 schools here in Rockford that have vaccination rates lower than the national average.

In an article from Wired.com, scientist talk about herd immunity and how something needs to be done now. Herd immunity also protects people who can't have vaccinations due to medical reasons. If Herd immunity is over or around 94 percent it actually keeps the other 6 percent safer. We have a list of the schools in Rockford that have the lowest vaccination rates.

The School with the lowest vaccination rates in Rockford is Montessori Private Academy coming in at only 59.28 percent. The next school on this list is Our Lady Sacred Heart Academy with only 72.15 percent immunization. Next its on to Rockford Iqra school at 88. 24 percent. Finally we have Beyer Elementary School with 90 percent immunization. We are doing our best to let you know what' going on. The last thing we need is an outbreak like what is going on in New York and Chicago. Here is a chart so you can check out the rates for other Illinois schools.



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