February 28th, 2022... the day the masks came off. There are still a few places they're required, but we're free of the face coverings in Illinois.

Not everyone is happy the the Illinois Mask Mandate is over

While many are rejoicing that we don't have to remember to bring a mask with us everywhere, there are others who are not in that same space. For reasons of their own, there are still many who feel more comfortable and safe with one on.

I'd like to think that since we've basically eradicated the common cold and flu by wearing masks, that going forward, we'd still put one on in public if we're feeling a little under the weather. But, that's a matter of choice.

Now that we're not wearing masks WHEREVER we go, there may be a few things that are easy to forget about now that we're returning to that mask-free life we had pre-pandemic.

Let this little list serve as,

4 Quick Reality Reminders Now that the Illinois Mask Mandate is Over

Photo by Trevor Buntin on Unsplash
Photo by Trevor Buntin on Unsplash

1. Don't forget to allow time for make up applications that got tossed aside for that, "screw it, I'm putting a mask on anyways" life you used to lead.

cursing man

2. You no longer have cover on that mouth while you're silently cursing someone out in public... BE CAREFUL!

Surprised woman with acne
Blaj Gabriel

3. You don't have that easy temporary blemish cover to hide what ever monster decided to descend upon your face

4. Something we all learned quickly from having to wear masks everyday was that our breath regularly smell awful. A mask and mints was always within arms reach for me. Don't forget to chew a few now that your funky breath isn't being immediately forced up your nose.

Stay safe everyone.

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