You may feel like we are getting ahead of ourselves with all this Halloween talk in September, but pulling off an awesome Halloween takes preparation. Trunk-or-treating also seems to be the "in" thing to do these days, and these ideas will make your car the hottest in the lot!

I have never done the trunk-or-treating thing, and will admit I have always felt as though it takes some of the fun out of the whole trick-or-treating experience. Some of my best Halloween memories as a kid involve running through our neighborhood, ringing doorbells, and getting a boatload of candy. Now that I am a parent though, I finally understand the advantages of being in one safe and controlled place to trick-or-treat.

I will also say that we like to do it up for trick-or-treaters at our house. Come to our door, and you may see something like this...


Or this...



Halloween is for the kids, and I guess we are just big kids at heart. Do me a favor, and try creating some scary magic this Halloween. Trust me. It's an awesome feeling to hear the children's screams and squeals of delight. Plus, you may just be reminded about the awesomeness of being a kid, and that is always a plus.

Check out these 36 awesome trunk-or-treat themes to help spark your Halloween creativity. Don't be the "boring trunk," or worse yet, the house with the light turned off.

Here's hoping your Halloween is everything frightful and delightful!