Pot busts can be some of the more entertaining drug bust stories. Let's face it, people do funny things when they are stoned. I mean what other drug bust do you hear about that includes monkeys? Stoners duh!

According to MPR News, "More than 300 marijuana plants were found during a search warrant last week at a western Wisconsin home, along with two monkeys. According to the Barron County Sheriff's Department, it served a warrant Thursday at a property on the 400 block of 19th Avenue in Comstock. The search warrant came after a month-long investigation into the possible marijuana grow operation."

I want to know whether or not the monkeys were getting stoned too. Can you imagine the number of bananas a monkey would go through if he/she were stoned? Me either, but I would like to find out.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what happened to our stoned monkey friends after the cops kicked in the door. MPR News reports that the, "Two monkeys found at the property are being cared for by a friend."

If that friend was getting paid in pot, he might have an ax to grind with the 37-year-old pot grower busted in this story.


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